Looking for lady peas

When I was growing in South Alabama, we used to find the most delicious peas in the summer. Some people called them lady peas while others called them cream peas. Either way, they’re small, whitish-green and very tender. I’ve never found them in the 16 years I’ve been living in Tupelo.

Does anyone know anybody who grows these? I’d love to put some up this summer.



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59 responses to “Looking for lady peas

  1. ThatGirlinMS

    You can get them in the freezer section.

  2. Steve

    The only place I see them in or near Atlanta is at small produce trucks. Good luck. They’re the best.

  3. ginna

    Steve, thanks for writing. We’re traveling to Meridian this weekend, Clinton next, and Fayetteville, Ark., after that (our daughter runs Cross Country and we go to her meets). I’ll keep an eye out for roadside stands. Another reader says they’re available in the freezer section and I’ve tried those before, but they just don’t have the same taste I remember from my childhood. Maybe I’m just old.

  4. Allen

    I grow them in my home garden in New Albany. The seed can be purchased in at least 2 places in New Albany each spring. The variety I use is ‘Mississippi Zipper Cream’….and yes, they are wonderful. Unfortunately, I didn’t (and won’t) have enough to share…but maybe you could plant your own, they are not hard to grow. Plant around May 1 and harvest around 1 July.

  5. ginna

    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I can’t grow anything in my back yard, except for tomatoes in pots, because of one small, but industrious, beagle.

  6. Take a look at this link..you can grow them yourself

  7. I follow your blog for quite a long time and must tell you that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  8. Cathy

    I finally found the same canned Lady Peas I ate growing up in Atlanta just recently. The same name brand “Margaret Holmes” different look has them at Kroger. I can’t find the frozen ones.

  9. country-boy

    they can be found all over nontgomery late june till the end of august call one of the state farmers market i’m sure one of the local venders will be glad to talk to you about shipping

  10. Angie

    harris teeter sells them or used to in the freezer section.
    I would like to know if they go by another name.

    Thanks, I’ll check Kroger.

  11. Mike Jones

    Ga. State farmers market. I just purchased 6 shelled bushels for $120. 00… at Alexanders produce…

  12. Donna

    My husband bought some today at the Farmer’s Market in Memphis at the Agricenter. He paid $6 per pound. We’ve seen them out there every year but were unfamiliary with them, so he got some today for us to try. They sound yummy!

  13. Mike Jones

    Cook them in a small pressure cooker with some with Salt, Pepper and a Boullion cube for about 15 minutes, otherwise in a small pan on the stove for an hour. Good luck. Mike.

  14. Connie

    I, too, bought some lady peas and whipple peas at the farmer’s market while visiting Memphis last weekend. I need to cook them, so if anyone has a favorite recipe, I’d love it. One question – do lady peas have a spot, like a black-eyed pea or are they a really little solid-color pea?

  15. Nice subject area that you have chosen.

  16. Mary

    I have these seeds that I sell for a small price. My husband also grew up in the South and drive me nuts until I grew him some Lady Peas. He absolutely loves them. Now that we are living in Oregon, no one knows anything about them. I have cooked them up for my neighbors and now I have them hooked too.

  17. Amy

    Mary, do you mean that you sell lady pea seeds? If so I would love to buy some. My family loves lady peas and no one seems to be selling the seeds so that I can grow my own. If you check this site again, please email me at Dixie91480@comcast.net . Thank you!!

  18. Wanda

    My mom who is 93 loves Lady Peas and she has lost her seeds. Please email me and let me know your price if you sell the seeds. Thank you, Wanda

  19. Pat LeJeune

    Looking for lady pea seeds.

  20. amy

    Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know who is looking for lady pea seeds, that I purchased some a week ago from Sand hill preservation. I received my seeds yesterday 3-29-10.You just put the name sand hill preservation in your search engine and it will bring up their site. You have to download and print out their order form and send off your order by mail with a check, but their prices are very reasonable. Their lady peas are called early lady peas, but the seed I received looks like the little lady peas my mother in law always cooks that me and my family love. Good luck and I hope this helps out!

  21. clara

    i want to plant wipple will peas—where can i find the seeds????

  22. Linda

    Purchased lady or conk peas here in Florida in Plant City at Southwest Produce.

  23. debra

    Are lady peas really a early black purplehulled pea?

  24. Shirley Dickert

    I would love to know where to buy lady peas or seeds to plant. I use to live in Columbia, SC and could get them in the frozen foods. I can’t find them here in Pawleys Island, SC.

  25. Mike Jones

    I grow and sell them by the Bushel. I normally shell them before I ship them out. Trust me, you don’t really want to sit there all day long and shell them. I also sell green beans. I’m located in Marietta, Ga. Anne Marie’s Garden. (My wife’s business)

  26. Anita

    I am in Memphis. In the summer they can be found at any farmers market.

  27. Tricia

    You can buy dried Lady Cream Peas from Cajun Supermarket
    online. There is a recipe on the package:

    1 pound lady cream peas
    1/2 lb. seasoning meat or butter
    1 tsp shortening

  28. Tricia

    10 cups water
    salt to taste
    1 tsp. mixed herbs or bouquet garni
    1 large onion chopped
    coarse ground pepper
    1 toe garlic, pressed

    Rinse and sort peas. Cover with water, add meat or butter, simmer about one hour. Saute onion and garlic in shortening. Add with other
    ingredients and cook 1/2 hour or until soft.

  29. Mike Jones

    If you want some Lady Peas. I grow them, shell them, freeze them and ship them out in a cooler. thanks Anne Jones. Google. “Anne Marie’s Garden LocalHarvest.org in Marietta Georgia”

  30. Sandi Sanders

    I would love to know how much you charge for what amount of Lady Peas. If I remember correctly, they are an early Spring pea. At any rate, I would be interested in purchasing some and your imput would be most appreciated. I’ll look for your response and hope you are still growing them! Thank you so very much! Sandi

  31. Sherry Wood

    Lady peas I grew up with and cream peas are not the same. A lady pea is almost a lime green color uncooked and probably 3 individual lady peas would equal the size of the pink eye purple hull pea. Last summer (2010) Callaways in Jackson, MS had seeds but sold out in less than a week. If anyone knows where I may find some seeds for the 2011 growing season please email or call 479-243-0647. I appreciate it.

  32. angelwings2000

    I am looking for Mississippi Cream Peas. Everyone in my area is saying that because of the damage to crops this year, they won’t be getting any in! Thanks!

  33. amy bostic

    I just found fresh lady peas at Jaymoor Farms – In Hall County Ga (I-985) northeast of Atlanta.

  34. Dushaun Mandik

    Iv’e never seen any seed for sale. I got my seed from my grandma here in west tennessee

  35. First, it’s pretty funny that a post for Lady Peas has been going on for about 3 years! I love them and my mom and I have been looking for them for years- only we call them Texas Cream Peas. If anyone finds any around Tupelo, I would love to know! I haven’t had them in about 20 years and I have NEVER forgotten them. Delicious! paigescruggs@comcast.net

  36. Jan R.

    I can tell you exactly where to find them! I just cooked a huge pot for lunch, accompanied by stewed and fried squash, new potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, cornbread and iced tea! I bought them from Old Fannin Mart Farmers Market on Old Fannin Road in Brandon, MS. However all of the Farmers Markets around the Jackson MS area have them. I do know this….they are not grown here….he has to drive somewhere to pick them up. Since the peaches they sell come from Chilton County, AL, I woudn’t be surprised if they pick the lady peas up in Alabama as well. Here is the phone number for Old Fannin Road Farmer’s Market- 601-919-1690. Maybe they will share the info on where they buy the lady peas. I wish you the best in finding them. They are truly the tastiest peas I can find. God Bless!

  37. Doris Kissell

    I love lady peas and have purchased them at the Downtown Canton Farmers Martket in Canton Georgia. They are the best. I am told they come from South Georgia. South Georgia keep them coming to Canton.

  38. Mike Jones

    Call Anne Jones at 404-234-2315 and she will ship you Lady Peas. She owns a company that specializes in organic vegetables and eggs called “Anne Marie’s Garden”. She’s out of Atlanta, Ga,

  39. They are available at the Farmer’s Market in Hampton Cove, Alabama

  40. Brenda

    I would love to know where I could find these lady peas. Saw a recipe in Southern Living magazine I would like to try

  41. Billy

    Your Dekalb Farmers Market

  42. Big Bear Market in Atlanta, Georgia in the West End always carries Lady Peas.

  43. skh.pcola

    Okay, just to keep this thread kicking for 4+ years, I will add that I just bought a pound of fresh-shelled lady peas today from my local farmer’s market. They look delicious and I will probably cook them in a pot with some porck chops.

  44. jan loyd

    My mother and I (also from Tupelo) are also looking for some. Our family lives in raleigh, ms and that us where we always got them. My mother us going to call my cousin to see if they have them this year. Email me your phone# and i will call you. I live in saltillo.

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  46. James edwards

    Can any one please give a website or phone # or e-mail to purchase lady-peas seeds

  47. Steve

    Looking for lady peas…will pay to ship them. We are from Alabama,and now living in Chicago and can’t get them up here. Please email me at scwj355399@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  48. I love them, bought them from Snellville Farmers Market yesterday and will be cooking up a batch for dinner tonight.

  49. sunny

    http://www.rareseeds.com used to have them for sale. i know this because they were personally bought and grown. haven’t gardened in a few years but keep their flyer with intentions of buying more when opportunity to grow reappears. cheers 8)

  50. Debra

    Trying to find Lady Peas in bulk to put up. Does anyone know a farmer in around Georgia/NC?

  51. Jan Jeffries

    I’ve been buying them fresh here in Atlanta at Whole Foods – just bought some last week. Being a “yankee”, I had never heard of them until I moved to Atlanta about 10 years ago. They are the best!!! I just boil until tender but not too soft – then put butter, salt and pepper on them. I could eat them every day!

  52. Helen Guin

    Used to help my aunt freeze the Lady Cream Peas she grew when I was a teenager. They were tiny peas and light green when fresh but turned light tan when cooked. Delicious! My favorite. I can find fresh cream peas in late June at Central Market in Plano, TX. However, Camellia Brand dried Lady Cream Peas are just as good, if not better. These I soak overnjght which makes the cooking time shorter & degasses them. They are easier to store and just beautiful when cooked. Albertsons carries Camellia beans and blackeyes but not the Lady creams, I will request them.

  53. Marilyn

    Agricultural center in Memphis has fresh Lady/cream peas for 7.00 a pond!!

  54. Barbara

    Did you ever find them. I am in Arkansas. Ate them all the time in Texas. I can’t find them here

  55. You are right, they are delicious. I sell Lady Peas.

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